Thursday, September 22, 2016

Whatever Happened to Baby TCTT?

We've heard lots of questions over the last (almost) year:
1. Is the podcast coming back?
2. I thought you guys did another movie riff...what up with that?
3. Why the hiatus?

1. LONG ANSWER - YES. A crazy thing happened on the way to relaunch. Matt decided he would do a solo episode. Then he thought it would be fun to review crazy European superhero movies as a genre. Then he thought it'd be funny to watch all of the Three Superman movies (1967-1986), one a day with mini-reviews and publish the episode...then Matt's brain broke. Then Matt went away for a while and wore pajamas for a long time and ate pudding every lunch time, did lots of arts and crafts, and went fishing with Mac until that awful Nurse Ratched ruined everything. Matt's not supposed to do solo episodes or brain experiments anymore.
He'll share what broke his brain soon.
SHORT ANSWER - YES. We'll be back to do discuss all things Robo Vampire (1988) with a new friend and old buddy Scott. The ep will be out before October.
Watch ROBO VAMPIRE here.

2. We totally did. It's Arch Hall, Jr.'s WILD GUITAR. I swear it'll be out soon. We used to sell our riffs through Rifftrax, but they took down their Riffs store and it's still not back yet. We're exploring ways to sell it for, like, $0.99. If you know of an easy way around robots that don't care about fair use and such, let us know!
We're already sifting through the rubbish bins for another movie to do...

3. See the long answer to Question 1

Here's to much more trash cinema coming your way.We just looked back over the movies we've done and were surprised to see Episode 50 is coming soon!