Sunday, April 28, 2019


Jason Farrell and Joey Cruz join Matt to celebrate Walpurgisnacht/Hexennacht (or what we just call 'Halloween in April') by watching Hack-o'-Lantern a much sought-after VHS horror flick starring Hy Pyke as the satanic pumpkin-farming grandfather of the Drindle family. It's Halloween Night and Grandpa's been grooming grandson Tommy to dedicate his life to the Dark One (like a Satanic confirmation?). Meanwhile, someone in the coven's robes wearing a mask is dispatching folks, willy-nilly.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

TCTT Goes A*P*E at the Movies!

TCTT goes to the movies! Joined by JB from The Broken Plane Podcast, we ventured out to Joy Cinema to see A*P*E, a 3-D quickie aimed at beating Dino De Laurentiis' big-budget and much-hyped remake of KING KONG to the screen.
Shot in South Korea on a budget of $23,000 in 14 days, this one doesn't quite measure up to the Jeff Bridges one, but does that one have King Kong flipping the camera off? No, I didn't think so. How many 3-D snakes are thrown at and knock over the camera in that one

? Zero? Hard pass.