Sunday, August 24, 2014


Scott couldn't join us this week, but Jason Farrell was there to fill his moccasins while we discussed the bewildering, lost '70s classic DEATH BED. This film was made over a period of years in the '70s and never widely released. It had its first official home video release in 2003. We had a blast with this at times sleazy, at times arty oddball. Get it on iTunes or here (right-click and 'save as').
"Would you rather have anatomy-class skeleton hands for hands or elbows for ears?"

"Hey, bed, you eat-uh my soldier, I break-uh you face!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This 2005 unofficial sequel to Romero's Dead trilogy is potent stuff: first you'll cough, then your skin will peel off, then you'll feel what everyone else who has watched it feels - PAIN. We laughed ourselves silly talking about Thermoses and this inept non-zombie zombie film. Enjoy our hurting...we did.
Available on iTunes or from here (right-click & 'save-as').
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This is the international sign for "sorry for this horrible movie."

"Smell my fingers...what is that, hotdog?"

We watch the made-legendary-by-Patton-Oswalt DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS. Be here in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New iRiff Coming in September

Because YOU demanded it! 
          Because WE'RE going through riff withdrawals!
                    Because IT'S a Larry Buchanan movie!

We are proud to announce our iRiff for September ------

If you're new to TCTT, you can find our first 2 riffs at the Rifftrax site:
Bloody Pit of Horror
Invasion of the Bee Girls

Stay tuned for update here and on the podcast.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Treasure of the Four Crowns

It's belated, but we are finally publishing our TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS episode. Get it on iTunes or here (right-click and 'save as').

"This is me excited..."
Featuring the most random ending we've seen on the show...

Next up, we bravely enter the 21st century with the 2005 unauthorized sequel to Romero's Day of the Dead: Day of the Dead 2: Contagium.

EDIT: Scott was pretty sure the star (Tony Anthony) was Robert Romanus, the guy who played Mike Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High...who Matt kept referring to as Vic Damone! What do you think? Is Scott crazy? Tell us in the comments!!!