Monday, January 30, 2017

The Amazing, Fantastical Technicolor SUBSPECIES Pod-Crawl begins here

The guys at Rogue Riffers had the bright idea to do a podcrawl through a film series with other like-minded psychotronic podcasts. We're honored to be included. The series to watch is Subspecies, from Charles Band's Full Moon Features. Matt had to fly solo on this one, so it's a short episode to set up the series for the rest of the crawl.
Here's how to listen:
Subspecies - We kick it off here or you can download it from iTunes
Bloodstone: Subspecies II - from Rogue Riffers
Bloodlust: Subspecies III from Bad Movie Night
Subspecies 4: Blood Storm from Wax On Wax Lyrical
"Who's a precious, naughty little monster-muffin? YOU are, snookums!"
Vampires get their prostates examined once every 3 centuries...but why NOW?
Earth-293's Diana Ross