Monday, June 30, 2014

The Chooper'll Git Ya!

Kyle's back and just in time for a gem from psychotronic auteur Ray Dennis Steckler (doing business here as 'Wolfgang Schmidt' and 'Sven Christan'). Using friends and family and a budget of about $500, Steckler tells a tale of desolation, hopelessness, doom, and a pony named Peanuts. Carol Brandt (played by his then-wife Carolyn Brandt) returns home from...wherever she claim her inheritance: a ranch house with a shack and a water tower. Trouble is, the house has a 150-year-old history of murder and a local businessman wants her to sell.
Download from iTunes or HERE. Enjoy!
I have to admit, I was picturing something a little more stately, Daddy.

I'm going for a James-Dean-in-"Giant" vibe...Is that coming across?

So, uh, I'm the Chooper. Yeah, I know...

Next up: We'll watch legendary SOV horror movie Boardinghouse!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The new, belated episode is here. We missed Kyle, but we had a blast talking to our dear friend from the North, Devin Bruce. The Hard Rock Zombies episode is available through iTunes or here (right-click and 'save as').

Devin's other podcasts: Scotch & Comics -The Listmakers! Check them out!

Anything to get out of this movie, eh, bub?
Yeah. No witty caption is going to top the visual here.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day from the TCTT crew to all you dads out there!

Hope you have a great day and that you get that cake!!!
Where's my cake?!?!

Don't make me come back there...with an axe!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Upcoming riff & contest

To promote our newly released Invasion of the Bee Girls riff, we're having a contest to win a copy of our next riff The Ghosts of Hanley House FOR FREE! 

There are 2 easy ways to enter and multiple entries are accepted:
1. Leave feedback on the Bee Girls Rifftrax page. This counts as 3 entries in the pot.
2. After that, any tweets about the riff w/ links to the address ( will be treated as additional entries (be sure to include @thats_trash in the tweet, so we see it!)
3. That's it! We'll draw names from all of the entries (here's where multiple tweets give you an edge) and a few lucky winners will get free copies of our next riff.

No sweat, right? So leave some feedback and tweet yr stingers off to win some free stuff!
*bath salts, brown acid, and whatever the hell else she's on are not included