Monday, June 30, 2014

The Chooper'll Git Ya!

Kyle's back and just in time for a gem from psychotronic auteur Ray Dennis Steckler (doing business here as 'Wolfgang Schmidt' and 'Sven Christan'). Using friends and family and a budget of about $500, Steckler tells a tale of desolation, hopelessness, doom, and a pony named Peanuts. Carol Brandt (played by his then-wife Carolyn Brandt) returns home from...wherever she claim her inheritance: a ranch house with a shack and a water tower. Trouble is, the house has a 150-year-old history of murder and a local businessman wants her to sell.
Download from iTunes or HERE. Enjoy!
I have to admit, I was picturing something a little more stately, Daddy.

I'm going for a James-Dean-in-"Giant" vibe...Is that coming across?

So, uh, I'm the Chooper. Yeah, I know...

Next up: We'll watch legendary SOV horror movie Boardinghouse!


  1. Here's the song "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches that Kyle mentioned in this episode:

  2. And here's the movie Scott was thinking of with Jay "Johnny Storm" Underwood: