Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas, you wonderful people!

What do you get for the psychotronic movie fan who has everything? The Feeders 2: Slay Bells episode, of course! If you missed the first one, fear not; this features lots of flashbacks that tell you everything you need to know...except why the main character looks identical to the main character from the first movie. Grab it on iTunes, get it here, give it to a friend.
Happy holidays from all of us here at That's Cool, That's Trash!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcoming Christmas Episode...

It wouldn't be a TCTT Christmas without  Christmas movie, so we're delaying our Ted V. Mikels The Corpse Grinders episode. In previous years, we've celebrated with Christmas Evil and Don't Open Till Christmas. We're continuing the tradition with the Polonia Brothers' Feeders 2: Slay Bells. We watched the first one last month and it seems cine-masochistically fitting that we jump back into the twins' bizarre world of terrible graphics, stilted performances, and puppet aliens...but with 100% more Santa. What's that? You haven't seen the first one? Not to worry, the entire first film is recapped in, completely recapped. The capper? This one's one YouTube! Episode coming very soon!

Monday, November 21, 2016


Matt talks with Joe and Justin (a survivor of our Things episode) about the Polonia Bros' 1996 breakout "hit" FEEDERS. Apparently, Blockbuster video bet you'd rent this on accident or when copies of Independence Day were all checked out. This movie features two buddies on a road trip who happen upon an alien invasion that must be seen to be believed.
Get the episode from iTunes or download it HERE (right-click and 'save as').
Tobias Fünke or Freddie Mercury?

1996's "Cutest Thing That Will Eat Your Face"

NEXT: The voting is done and we'll be watching The Corpse-Grinders for our Ted V. Mikels episode. It's easily found get it on it!

Friday, October 28, 2016

YOU elect the Ted V. Mikels film!

We're saddened by the news that director Ted V. Mikels (The Astro-Zombies, The Doll Squad) has passed away. We're going to discuss one of his films in an upcoming episode, but we can't decide which one...
We had a poll on our Twitter account (@thats_trash) to pick between THE CORPSE GRINDERS and BLOOD ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS for the episode and it's currently a tie!  
Go vote on Twitter OR tell us in the comments which of the 2 you'd like for the episode and we'll announce the winner soon. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ep50 - Robo Vampire

Back to our regularly scheduled mayhem...

TCTT is back, folks! To kick off the return, Matt talked to Joe and special guest Zack Kruse about an odd little duck Zack discovered: 1988's ROBO VAMPIRE, a Robocop rip-off with some HK horror twists. This movie looks like it escaped from 12-year-old kid's fevered dreams and must be seen to be believed.

Get the new episode from iTunes or from HERE.

Then head over to Bandcamp to get the new Minders album, featuring TCTT's own Joe Kincher! It's the band's first album in 10 years and it was well worth the wait. Highly recommended!

Ep49 - The Three Supermen Films Xperiment

Here it is. This is the doozy that led to the extended hiatus. You know how you're not supposed to use a Ouija board by yourself? It turns out, you shouldn't do strenuous psychological, psychotronical experiments on yourself, either. Here's where Matt tried to watch all of the Three Supermen movies (1967-86), one each day, by himself and report his findings. He got in over his head into the world of bulletproof spandex, heists, Europop, and increasingly lousy sequels.
Matt returned and put the results out so that we can move forward, on to regular podcasts with guests and laughter and fun and no deep-hurting....

Get the episode from iTunes or HERE

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Whatever Happened to Baby TCTT?

We've heard lots of questions over the last (almost) year:
1. Is the podcast coming back?
2. I thought you guys did another movie riff...what up with that?
3. Why the hiatus?

1. LONG ANSWER - YES. A crazy thing happened on the way to relaunch. Matt decided he would do a solo episode. Then he thought it would be fun to review crazy European superhero movies as a genre. Then he thought it'd be funny to watch all of the Three Superman movies (1967-1986), one a day with mini-reviews and publish the episode...then Matt's brain broke. Then Matt went away for a while and wore pajamas for a long time and ate pudding every lunch time, did lots of arts and crafts, and went fishing with Mac until that awful Nurse Ratched ruined everything. Matt's not supposed to do solo episodes or brain experiments anymore.
He'll share what broke his brain soon.
SHORT ANSWER - YES. We'll be back to do discuss all things Robo Vampire (1988) with a new friend and old buddy Scott. The ep will be out before October.
Watch ROBO VAMPIRE here.

2. We totally did. It's Arch Hall, Jr.'s WILD GUITAR. I swear it'll be out soon. We used to sell our riffs through Rifftrax, but they took down their Riffs store and it's still not back yet. We're exploring ways to sell it for, like, $0.99. If you know of an easy way around robots that don't care about fair use and such, let us know!
We're already sifting through the rubbish bins for another movie to do...

3. See the long answer to Question 1

Here's to much more trash cinema coming your way.We just looked back over the movies we've done and were surprised to see Episode 50 is coming soon!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Our CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE riff now on YouTube!

We sold this through Rifftrax for about a week. They pulled their site down to rebuild it and this riff disappeared. Enjoy it on us.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


You may have heard us praise The Wolfman's Hammer, a wonderful indie movie that I've offered as an antidote to more than one movie we've watched for the podcast. The director Brad Elmore has shot a new film, BOOGEYMAN POP, and he's seeking some completion funds to get the film through post-production. Please consider supporting this project. I've read the script. You'll love it.