Thursday, December 18, 2014


Matt and Scott are joined by Matt's super-cool neighbor Justin to discuss THINGS (Canada, 1989). You can get the episode on iTunes or from here (right-click and Save As).
This movie would leave most casual viewers shivering, huddled in a blanket next to an ambulance, drinking tea or cocoa, so it was nice that Justin was not catatonic and was able to show us on the doll where this movie touched him. Mere words cannot describe this one, folks. It's a low-budget film made by horror fans, but beyond that, it's psychoactive psychotronica all the way. Plots are jettisoned, time has no meaning, porn stars deliver the news from another must be seen to be believed.
Unfortunately, this movie is not available for free online (unless you really know how to look), but we wholeheartedly agreed this is worth the ticket, after you've seen it, you can show it to your friends and enjoy their reactions!

"This is Amber Lynn, coming to you live from the this-guy's-mom's-utility-room-in-the-basement studios."
Our hero, sort of...I guess?

This is how my wife found me in the garage after watching this movie.

A still from the interminable pulling-the-guy-up-to-the-bridge scene.

Next up: we have some '70s dreck for you featuring Tony Curtis & Burgess Meredith! It's the infamously bad The Manitou: A psychic's girlfriend finds out that a lump on her back is a growing reincarnation of a 400 year-old demonic Native American spirit.
Sounds fun, right?! Plus, it's from the director of the blaxploitation Exorcist rip-off Abby!


  1. Addenda: This was filmed on Super 8 & 16mm. It had a budget of ~$35,000.

  2. Addendum: Director and star of THINGS made a music video for one of his own songs. It's, err, uhhhh....great: