Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ep49 - The Three Supermen Films Xperiment

Here it is. This is the doozy that led to the extended hiatus. You know how you're not supposed to use a Ouija board by yourself? It turns out, you shouldn't do strenuous psychological, psychotronical experiments on yourself, either. Here's where Matt tried to watch all of the Three Supermen movies (1967-86), one each day, by himself and report his findings. He got in over his head into the world of bulletproof spandex, heists, Europop, and increasingly lousy sequels.
Matt returned and put the results out so that we can move forward, on to regular podcasts with guests and laughter and fun and no deep-hurting....

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  1. Joe K here, just checking in to say what a fun ep this was... had me laughing at work on a Monday morning, no easy feat. A fantastic solo-bolo from Matt with (spoiler) a wonderful cameo, and a great reintroduction to the podcast. Listen now & take a journey into the mouth of psychotropic madness!

    1. Thanks, buddy! Glad to be out of pajamas and institutions again. I do miss McMurphy, though.