Thursday, March 6, 2014

"That Guy... Who Was in That Thing"

Haven't seen the above-named documentary yet, but we've long been interested in sharing some of our favorite "that guy"s from movies.
Our first "that guy" (and a personal favorite of mine) is....
Al Leong
Here's Al in the John Carpenter classic Big Trouble in Little China. He played a Wing Kong hatchet man. Quick, no IMDB cheating, name another Al Leong movie in the comments to this post. Bonus points for describing his role in the film.


  1. Ooh, definitely looks familiar, but I'd be hard pressed to name films. I think he might have been in Die Hard.

  2. I remember him as generic Asian martial artist guy from all of the Cop/Private Investigator shows in the '80's. Did they even bother giving those characters names?

  3. I'll throw another log on the fire: He was Genghis Khan in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure