Monday, May 4, 2015

We Need to Talk About Jamie...or, THE PIT (1981)

Matt & Scott talk about the 1981 horror movie The Pit about young Jamie, who is troubled by bullies and librarian lust. In this tender coming-of-age story, we follow Jamie as he faces the trials and tribulations of adolescence the same we all did: with the help of a bunch of hairy, hungry creatures in a hole in the woods. Get the episode through iTunes or download it here.
I miss my old Thinkin' Hole.

"Uhhh...we're not doing anything in here...but don't come in!"

Before 'Mac and Me' there was...THE PIT!

NOTE: We'll be taking a brief break from regular episodes. Busy schedules force us to fall back on sporadic podcasting for the coming summer. We'll be focusing more on episodes with guests, Matt will do some mini genre-overview spotlights, and we'll be talking about even wackier movies than what we've done before. We're always available on Twitter.

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