Monday, August 31, 2015


I rounded up some folks to make a get-well-Scott episode and we had too many people for one episode. This one features Jason Farrell (from the Mystics in Bali & Death Bed: The Bed That Eats episodes) and Rob Hafferman (from the Star Crash episode). We discussed the recently deceased David A. Prior's first movie, the SOV SLEDGEHAMMER (1983). Ten years after a terrible mother and her lover are slaughtered in remote farmhouse and her child is never seen again. Because this is a movie and it was the '80s, a van full of exuberant twenty-somethings brings lots of food and alcohol to this site. The consequences are dire. Episode available from our iTunes feed or HERE.
Seriously, do these pants give me "mom butt" or what?

That summer Mike Love got really into steroids and face-licking...
These masks always upset me...

Next up: KYLE, JOE, and DEVIN will be on to talk about the 1970 Brad F. Grinter (BLOOD FREAK) movie FLESH FEAST starring Veronica Lake...wait, WHAT?

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